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June 6, 2024

5 Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation on HVAC Technician Appreciation Day

Show your employees appreciation on HVAC technician appreciation day — and every day — with these 5 ideas.

5 Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation on HVAC Technician Appreciation Day

HVAC Technician Appreciation Day is celebrated on June 22 every year — and it’s quickly approaching. Your techs deserve recognition for all of their hard work. When’s a better time to celebrate them than during the middle of the busy season? Here are some easy ways to celebrate your employees on HVAC technician appreciation day and all year long.

1. Load Up The Trucks and Shop

Providing your team with the resources they need to do their jobs effectively is essential to day-to-day operations and a great morale booster. But have you considered what your techs need besides tools and parts?

Show your employees appreciation by loading their trucks with snacks and drinks to keep them going, especially since this summer is predicted to be hotter than normal. Water and Gatorade will keep them hydrated as they work in the summer heat, and energy drinks will help them tackle their busy schedules. Keep some extras in the shop so they can replenish their stash as needed.

Snacks will keep your employees fueled so they can perform their best. Protein bars are always a good option, and be sure to ask your employees what they like to snack on. For a special treat during the summer, bring in some freeze pops to help them cool down or frozen fruit bars to give them energy that isn’t just a sugar high.

2. Get Personal

Group gifts are always a great way to show employees appreciation. You may even already have a pizza party or two planned this summer. But there’s nothing quite like receiving a personalized gift.

This HVAC technician appreciation day, get personal with your employees. Write each one a personalized note thanking them for all their hard work and how much you appreciate them. And remember to be specific! Nothing’s more insincere than a templated “personal” note. Be sure to point out at least one thing you love that they do. Acknowledge the person who always keeps the energy up, the person who’s always on time, and the person who consistently receives the best customer feedback.

And while you’re at it, maybe throw a gift card in each note to show just how much you appreciate them.

3. Give Out Awards

Company awards ceremonies can be boring, cheesy, or fun. So, let’s make it fun! It may be too late to coordinate an event for HVAC tech appreciation day this year, but you still have time to schedule one at the end of the busy season.

Awards can motivate employees and boost morale — especially if they come with prizes. Choose some objective categories that aren’t up for vote. Recognize the person always willing to help out as the “Best Team Player”, the person who always makes sure everyone is following safety protocols as the “Safety Officer,” and the one willing to take those late-night calls as the “Night Owl,” for example. Then let your team vote on some fun superlatives, such as the “Human Megaphone” award for the person you’re most likely to hear before you see them and the “Class Clown” award for the person who always keeps everyone laughing.

Make your awards ceremony fun by having a BBQ at a park or renting out a local bowling alley. To make it even more exciting, invite your employees’ families, too.

4. Post On Social Media

Posting on social media is a great way to celebrate and recognize your employees year-round. Sharing anniversaries, employee spotlights, and customer testimonials are simple ways to show appreciation for your employees year-round. Not only will your employees and their loved ones enjoy the posts, but it’s also an opportunity to highlight your team to potential employees or customers viewing your page.

Be sure to plan a special HVAC tech appreciation day post as well, and share photos from the awards ceremony if you have one.

5. Have Some Fun!

The most important part of celebrating your employees is having fun with it! Don’t treat employee appreciation like another thing to check off your to-do list. Instead, make it fun and genuinely enjoy celebrating your employees. FTL Finance’s Senior Customer Service Manager, Lauren Scanio, recommends buying your team lunch and planning team events to show your employees appreciation and keep spirits high. A little fun and team bonding on the clock is a great break any time of year, but especially during the busy season.

A little goes a long way when showing your employees appreciation. Use these ideas as a starting point to celebrate HVAC technician appreciation day, then build on it to show your team you appreciate them all year long.

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