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Give your customers the services they want. Through our programs, 80% of homeowners are approved for financing.

Your Customers are more than just a credit score.
Thanks to our unique approach, FTL is able to accommodate a wide range of homeowners and give your customers the funding they need through one of our three programs.
Standard Program
Full Access
Standard Program
Structured for customers with a high credit score — unlock access to all FTL programs.
You have the freedom to offer whatever finance programs you think will benefit your business
These can be our free programs or more competitive ones that include a fee
Risk-Based Program
The Right Fit
Risk-Based Program
FTL finds the right program to match with a homeowner based on their individual needs and higher risk credit scores.
Lower interest rates than average
FTL approves the application but there are pre-selected programs to choose from
Includes a free, no-contractor fee option
Partner Program
Another Chance
Partner Program
Created as a second source of financing for homeowners who do not qualify for an FTL program.
When our other programs aren't a good fit, we pull in an outside partner for an alternative solution
FTL does the leg work with our partners to save time and resources. Plus, there's no deduction on your homeowner's credit score
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