Risk-Based Lending: What Is It, and How Does It Help?

Risk-based pricing can bring peace of mind to both you and your customers. More of your homeowners will be approved for financing, and you’ll get more projects. Risk-based lending is a term you may hear when you offer financing to your customers. You may also hear it referred to as risk-based pricing or risk-based underwriting. […]

3 Tips for Navigating the HVAC Skilled Labor Shortage

A skilled labor shortage is nothing new to the HVAC industry, but that doesn’t make navigating it any easier. Here are some tips to help you through it. As an HVAC contractor, you know the struggles of the skilled labor shortage all too well. While some industries have primarily struggled with labor since the pandemic, […]

Homeowner Credit Profiles: Why Should Contractors Care About Them?

Most lenders use homeowner credit profiles in their approval process. Understanding these profiles will help you offer the best customer financing options. If you’ve applied for financing before, you know the importance of a credit score. Even though it doesn’t show the whole picture of your financial history, it can play a large role in […]

4 Tips for Getting Your Techs Comfortable with HVAC Financing

Your techs may need training and support to become more comfortable with HVAC financing. Here are four tips to help you do that. The only thing more uncomfortable than talking about finances is bringing up someone else’s. But if you’re reading this blog, chances are good you understand how crucial it is to offer financing […]

3 Plumbing Trends to Watch for in 2023

As smart plumbing and energy efficient plumbing become more popular, we expect to see price increases and plumbing industry growth in 2023. 2022 was a great year for plumbing. While other industries saw business decline due to increasing interest rates and inflation, plumbing still saw profit. The demand for plumbers continues to grow, although there […]

3 HVAC Trends to Prepare for in 2023

As we look forward to 2023 HVAC trends, contractors should prepare for continued HVAC price increases, demand for IAQ, and business acquisitions. 2022 was one for the history books. From record-high inflation to the passing of the Queen, it is certainly one to remember. In addition to world events, we at FTL Finance kept a […]