How Contractors Can Use Buydown Fees to Boost Home Improvement Sales

Buydown fees are a tool that can help you close more sales and grow your business if you learn how to implement them properly. If you’ve looked at partnering with a finance company, you’ve probably heard about dealer fees or contractor fees. These fees usually fall into three categories: required fees, promotional fees, and rate […]

HVAC Leasing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

When it comes to offering financing to customers, contractors can and should look beyond the traditional options. HVAC leasing and lease-to-own are great options for customers with poor credit history. No one plans for their HVAC system to go kaput. But the universe has a funny way of killing the AC during a heat wave […]

The Contractor’s Guide to HVAC Financing Solutions

As homeowner interest in HVAC financing grows, contractors need to be well-informed about the options available to them and their customers HVAC industry veterans know that it wasn’t so long ago that homeowners paid for your services with cold, hard cash. If customers didn’t have the cash, they either borrowed it from somewhere, or they […]

Installment Loans: How Do They Work in the Home Improvement Industry?

Installment loans are a straightforward financing solution that offers homeowners payment flexibility and contributes to contractor business growth Home repairs and updates are one of the best ways to improve a home’s value, with homeowners spending an average of $10,341 on home improvement projects in 2021. But how are homeowners paying for these projects? According […]

My Customer Wasn’t Approved for Home Improvement Financing — Now What?

Facing a customer credit denial feels like a major project roadblock, but remaining calm and flexible can salvage the experience for everyone. Home improvement projects are stressful undertakings for homeowners to manage — and the high cost of contractor services seems to be the number one source of that stress, according to a recent survey […]

How to Handle Customer Objections in the Face of HVAC Price Increases

With high HVAC prices here to stay, addressing customer objections with patience, knowledge, and financing solutions may be the key to closing the sale. We’ve all seen the news dominating headlines lately: current economic conditions have forced price increases on everything from groceries to gas. The HVAC industry, in particular, has seen manufacturer price increases […]

How to Choose the Best Customer Financing Company for Your Contracting Business

The financing process can make or break your customer experience—that’s why it’s critical for contractors to thoroughly vet any potential financing partners For many in the home services and HVAC industries, the business benefits of customer financing and increasing homeowner preference for monthly payment options are undeniable. The growing demand for financing has led to […]

Same-as-Cash Financing: What Is It, and How Does It Work?

Same-as-cash financing can be a valuable short-term lending option for homeowners while boosting contractor sales If you’ve been in the home improvement industry for any length of time, you’ve likely come across this offer or something similar: “90 days, same-as-cash.” Many homeowners find these offers enticing, making them useful promotional tools. However, contractors offering same-as-cash […]

Millennials Are Homeowners Now. What Does This Mean for Your Contracting Business?

Millennials homeowners may have different expectations of their HVAC and home improvement contractors than their parents Millennials have killed a lot of industries—or at least that’s what the headlines have spent the last decade declaring. Upon entering adulthood following the 2008 recession, they were accused of killing everything from cereal to bars of soap. “Millennials […]

Customer Financing: What Is It, and How Does It Benefit My Business?

Leveraged properly, customer financing can be a powerful tool for boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction One notable trend has recently exploded in popularity in the consumer payments industry: buy now, pay later. Popular among Millennial and Gen Z consumers, buy now, pay later—or BNPL—is a customer financing solution that allows shoppers to split the […]